A late night, content

This is the latest I’ve stayed up in a while. Just laying here in bed, listening to the fan become a sound in my head. It’s numbing. Usually I’m too focused, and not on one task, but “generally” focused on wanting to complete something. See, I have a hard time enjoying things…but I’m trying to give in a bit. 

At 1:35am on a Monday morning, there’s not much to try and complete. So I go from checking up on the Men’s Olympic team, to esoteric blog entries about dogs, to works of fiction. At a time when it’s so easy to assume that we, as humans, have dulled society by not having enough filters (we’re all being published), beauty still breaks through.

If you’re up and reading this, please watch this video. You will be stunned at Pearson’s ability to look straight at you. Through your device.




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